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Controlling layer temperature

When 3D printing thermoplastic materials the controlling of layer temperature is of great importance to create quality prints. By establishing the right combination of heating and cooling, warping of the plastic is reduced. On the first layers additional heating was applied to create a good base layer to print upon. Afterwards, two cooling fans are turned on to ensure the material is cooled down when the next layer is laid down. The cooling is essential to prevent the molten plastic to freely move or deform after leaving the extruder. In this way the fans are ‘freezing’ the material in place and the building height in layers is infinite. The cooling greatly contributed in achieving these results:


Temperature zone 1: 160

Temperature zone 2: 183

Temperature zone 3: 171

Nozzle diameter: 5 mm

Layerheight: 4 mm

Printingspeed: 20 mm/s

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