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Interns Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical and software engineering interns have started working on the ReMake Plastic project. Their focus is the development and optimizing of the extrusion machine and attachments.

Who is Koen Peters?

Koen is a 21 years old engineering student at Windesheim. After his second year he chose the direction for mechanical engineering. Last year he successfully completed his minor in composites. There are a few technical related projects in which he will participate, he hopes to contribute with his particular set of skills and knowledge.

"I have always known about 3D printing and it really intrigued me. I see a bright future in this business and therefore want to contribute to the growth of this company."

Who is Nathal van Werd?

​Nathal is 21 years old and studies Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Windesheim Flevoland. After his second year he decided to specialise in Mechanical Engineering. Last year he completed his minor in Composites and started his first internship at Vertico in which his competences will be tested.

Nathal says: ‘let’s get it done! Another day, another challenge’

Who is Stan Mulder?

With his 17 years Stan  is the youngest member of the Vertico team. At the moment he is studying Mechatronics at ROC Midden Nederland in Amersfoort.

During a robotics program at his school he met the company and became very interested in 3d concrete printing.

“In my free time 3d printing is a big hobby of mine. I think it’s awesome that during my time at Vertico I will be able to apply my 3d printing and robot programming skills to amazing innovating projects.” 

Who is Matthijs Bresser?

Matthijs is 18 years old and a Mechatronics student at the ROC Midden Nederland in Amersfoort. He was introduced to the company when he and his dad went to the company's 3D printing demonstration. At his internship at Vertico he will use his knowledge to contribute to projects for the company.

“At school we have done a project with a similar robot, so I have some experience working with robots. I think I can learn a lot about working with bigger robots here.”

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