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Household waste PE/PP

After many months of developing and testing to master the PE/PP material from household waste, our gathered data indicate that we will not be able to produce the required constant quality. In agreement with the experts of Eco-Oh! we are very disappointed to announce that we concluded that the material does not suit our process.

The combination of correct settings is found to be very narrow, which could not be constantly achieved in our setup. In addition, this material requires specific vacuum treatment during the process to prevent shrinkage and ensure quality production, which is not possible in 3D-printing.

Fortunately, Eco-Oh! was able to provide us with another recycled plastic consisting of PP. This material is made from recycled foils and tubs, which will still be great challenge and achievement to 3D-print with. We will be testing as soon as possible and shall keep you posted on this new material.

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