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The Plastic Dream

Very excited moment that kicks-off the plastic journey. This is where it all started with the arrival of the extruder.

We had a plan to 3D print using a robot and a large extruder. With no technical background whatsoever we didn't know where to start looking. We consulted a friend and engineer and he said why don't you just search on Marktplaats (like eBay). So we typed in 'plastic extruder' and of 4 hits one read 'plastic extruder bought for 3D robot printing'.

It was meant to be. We called and that is how we met Joules from CNCwerk. He had bought a robot and had plans to print with it, but he couldn't find the time. So we went to Heerenveen to see the machine and bought it.

That really kickstarted the adventure.

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