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The recycling problem

The Dutch national media service NOS published an article on the plastic recycling problem. Especially this infographic provides a good overview of the issues.

In summary; the meltable plastics, known as thermoplasts, are subdivided into 14 categories, each with specific properties.

These categories can again be divided into various different groups.

Fortunately, all of the plastic packaging materials (30% of the total plastic usage) are produced out of the following groups.

Unfortunately, this is not where the variation ends, since recipes of used plastic may differ per brand. A recipe refers to a plastic to which various additives have been added to enhance the properties, for example colors. All these different recipes make that recycling is so difficult.

On the one hand, there is a need for universal packaging recipes. On the other hand, plastics should be collected separately to make recycling into the same product possible.

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