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Extruder Splitting Zones

Earlier we announced a large upgrade of the extruder. One major challenge was to increase the amount of heating zones from 2 to 4. Splitting the zones was necessary for specific control of the temperature at the entrance of the extruder and around the nozzle.

First the electronic scheme of the system had to be analyzed and reconstructed.

Next to that, new controllers had to be placed and installed, for which we used EMKO ESD-9950-N. 2.20. 0.1/02. 00/ temperature controller with a dial 24VAC/DC universal sensor input.

Lastly, new locations in the extruder had to be created to place additional temperature sensors. For the sensors we purchased the DIN/EN 60751 " Class B" Pt-100. However, the choice for both the controller and temperature sensor depends on the extruder system.

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